Laba abaana ba Social Media kyebakoze Evelyn MiC owa Galaxy FM

Galaxy FM’s renowned presenter, Evelyn MiC, locally known as the “No 50k Brand Ambassador,” recently encountered unexpected scrutiny following her on-stage presence at Fik Fameica’s concert.

Despite her rising popularity for outspoken views on dating and fees, MiC found herself at the center of attention for an entirely different reason during the Lugogo Cricket Oval event.


MiC had recently stirred up a digital debate by advocating for women to receive more than the conventional UGx50k transport money after a date, emphasizing that men should contribute more to expenses.

Her bold stance earned her the label of being “expensive” in the eyes of many. Little did she anticipate that her opinions would soon come back to haunt her.

Donned in an all-brown ensemble, featuring striking boots, short pants, and a fashionable jacket, MiC commanded the stage as the emcee for Fik Fameica’s show.

However, the internet’s attention swiftly shifted towards her darkened buttocks and thighs, sparking a cascade of comments and memes that left many disappointed.


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