NEERA BIZEEMU!! Pretty Nicole azeemu okudduka ewaka, Mbu agenze kufumbirwa

Reports have surfaced regarding the disappearance of social media influencer Pretty Nicole from her mother’s residence. According to Hajjat Kulthum Nabunya, Nicole has been absent for several days, prompting concerns about her safety and whereabouts.

Despite diligent efforts from Nicole’s mother to locate her, all attempts have been unsuccessful thus far. The situation escalated after Nicole’s phone was confiscated, leading to speculation that she may have been picked up by her alleged TikTok boyfriend, whose identity remains unclear due to the indistinct photograph on Nicole’s phone.


Expressing deep concern for her daughter’s well-being, Hajjat Kulthum issued a stern warning to whoever may be accompanying Nicole, urging them to facilitate her safe return home. She emphasized Nicole’s youth and the importance of her future aspirations.

This development comes shortly after Pretty Nicole received disappointing academic results in her Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE), adding to the mystery surrounding her sudden disappearance and rumored secret nuptials. Fans and followers are left puzzled, wondering about the motives behind Nicole’s actions and hoping for her safe return.


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