“Bobi Wine is Too Occupied for Another Musical Collaboration with me” Juliana Kanyomozi Regrets

In a recent interview, Juliana Kanyomozi reminisced about the pivotal moments of her career, highlighting her collaboration with the multi-talented Bobi Wine, now a prominent figure in Ugandan politics.

Reflecting on their collaborative tracks, Kanyomozi expressed gratitude for the regional recognition their partnership brought. “Those songs made us popular in the whole region, not only Uganda,” she fondly recalled.


However, she acknowledged the diverging paths they’ve taken since then. “You grow old and pick interest in different things,” she mused, noting Bobi Wine’s shift into politics while she remained dedicated to her music.

When asked about the possibility of future collaborations, Kanyomozi remained open but realistic, acknowledging Bobi Wine’s current commitments. “You never know,” she remarked, “but Bobi Wine is now very busy. I don’t think he has time for that anymore.”

Their initial collaboration on “Tata W’abaana” marked a turning point in Kanyomozi’s career, propelling her into the mainstream music industry. Their subsequent hit, “Maama Mbire,” further solidified their musical partnership.

Commenting on Bobi Wine’s political journey, Kanyomozi praised his unwavering determination and visionary outlook. “He was a dreamer, a big dreamer,” she shared. “He believes in big things, so I’m not surprised seeing where he has reached.”

Their friendship transcends music, with Kanyomozi being among the close circle of friends who supported Bobi Wine’s transition into politics.

His decision to pursue a political career, leaving behind a successful music trajectory, surprised many. Yet, Bobi Wine’s victories, including his parliamentary win in 2017 and his leadership role in the National Unity Platform, stand testament to his resilience and commitment to effecting change.

As Bobi Wine continues to navigate the complexities of Ugandan politics, Juliana Kanyomozi remains supportive, cherishing the shared memories of their musical collaboration while celebrating his achievements in the political arena.


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