Zari The Bosslady Reveals Diamond Platnumz Got Her Into Problems With Shakib

Renowned South African socialite and entrepreneur, Zari the Bosslady, recently disclosed that her ex-partner and father of her children, singer Diamond Platnumz, inadvertently caused turmoil in her relationship.

Zari revealed that after Diamond Platnumz posted a video featuring them together, her husband Shakib took advantage of the situation and left her in South Africa.

Zari Shakib3

This incident prompted a serious discussion between Zari and Shakib, leading them to decide to take a break from each other to reassess their relationship.

In various interviews circulating, Zari expressed that she had been facing issues with Shakib since the previous year. Despite hoping for improvement, their relationship continued to encounter challenges, ultimately leading to a potential breakup.

Expressing regret over the situation, Zari apologized to Shakib for the fallout caused by the video with Diamond Platnumz. She clarified that their interaction was purely business-oriented, contrary to any misconceptions.

Despite the setback, Zari remains committed to resolving her marital issues with Shakib and remains optimistic about their future together.

“The video with the father of my children, Diamond Platnumz, landed me into trouble with my husband. Since then, we’ve been working on our problems,” Zari stated earnestly.


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