Muve kubya Bizzy Nateete, Taata womwana wa Winnie Nwagi Destiny Mirembe omutuufu wuuno tumuzudde

For over a decade, Winnie Nwagi, the renowned Ugandan singer, has kept the identity of her daughter Valerie Destiny Mirembe’s father a closely guarded secret.

However, in a recent turn of events, a struggling upcoming musician named Bizzy Nateete has stepped forward, claiming to be Destiny’s biological father, finally revealing the man behind the mystery.



Throughout her successful music career, Winnie Nwagi has captivated audiences with her performances and maintained an enigmatic persona.

Yet, her silence regarding her daughter’s father has fueled speculation for years. Now, as Destiny reaches 13 years of age, the spotlight has turned towards her, and people have started to claim her as their own.

Bizzy Nateete’s bold assertion has thrust Destiny into the public eye, prompting curious fans to scour the internet for clues about her paternity. Nateete’s claim, seen by many as a bid for attention, has sparked a flurry of photographs depicting another man who bears an uncanny resemblance to Destiny.

These images have fueled widespread speculation among fans, although Nwagi has neither confirmed nor refuted their authenticity.

In response to Nateete’s claims, Nwagi has issued a stern warning, declaring her intent to pursue legal action for defamation against the aspiring artist.

Despite the public spectacle, images purportedly depicting Destiny’s real father portray him as a mature and responsible individual.

Nwagi’s candid remarks in past interviews have shed light on the financial challenges she has faced as a single mother. She has disclosed that she has never received any form of child support from her daughter’s father, adding another layer to the ongoing saga of Destiny’s paternity.


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