“I’m Going to Beat You for Asking Silly Questions” Winnie Nwagi Warns Journalists Amid Alleged Baby Daddy Drama

Hot-tempered singer Winnie Nwagi has issued a stern warning to journalists amidst the ongoing saga surrounding her alleged baby daddy.

The singer has explicitly requested that everyone refrain from asking her foolish questions about her child’s father. She has cautioned that those who persist will face a rough response.


Reacting to the scandal, the “Matala” singer expressed disbelief, suggesting that people must be seriously under the influence of drugs. She advised anyone seeking the truth to conduct their own research.

“People are seriously on drugs… Lol because what is this. Anyways y’all don’t call my line asking me stupid questions. You won’t like it. Just don’t. Do your research or go home,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Nwagi’s alleged baby daddy, Bizzy Natete, has maintained that he is the biological father of the singer’s 12-year-old daughter. He has stated his determination to fight for his parental rights and see his daughter.

Natete claims that he and the singer were in a relationship while living in Natete. At the time, he was still a student, and Nwagi was older than him. He further alleged that he impregnated one of Nwagi’s friends, which led to a falling out between them.

According to Natete, Nwagi asked him to convince his alleged side chick to terminate the pregnancy. However, due to his Christian beliefs, he refused. This refusal allegedly led to their separation, with Nwagi taking their child with her.

However, there are claims that Natete is merely seeking attention. He has reportedly been trying to establish himself as a musician but has not achieved significant success.

Last year, he was involved in another scandal after allegedly plagiarizing singer Spice Diana’s song “Batutadde.”

Further information suggests that the father of Winnie Nwagi’s daughter is a Rastafarian known as Gen C’zaabur. It is reported that he married a white woman after a bitter breakup with the Swangz Avenue singer.


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