Taata Wa Winnie Nwagi asubiza okuba ka Bizzy Nateete lwakulabisa muwalawe na kumanyiila muzukuluwe

Henry Kabiito, the father of renowned musician Winnie Nwagi, has issued a stern warning to upcoming singer Bizzy Nateete, who recently claimed to be the father of Nwagi’s daughter. Kabiito expressed his frustration with Nateete’s claims and threatened to confront him physically to teach him a lesson.

In a recent statement, Kabiito revealed that Nwagi had introduced her daughter’s father to him, and it is not Bizzy Nateete. This revelation comes in response to Nateete’s public declaration of paternity, which has caused a stir in the music industry and among fans of the Swangz Avenue singer.


Speaking out on Thursday, Kabiito emphasized his disapproval of Nateete’s actions and insisted that he would not tolerate such claims against his daughter.

The threat of violence marks a significant escalation in the ongoing dispute, highlighting the seriousness of the situation.

The controversy surrounding Winnie Nwagi’s paternity has sparked intense debate and speculation, with fans eagerly awaiting further developments. As tensions rise, the music industry braces itself for the outcome of this highly publicized dispute.


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