KIWEDDE!! Spice Diana Surprises Her Mother with a Car, She Breaks Down to Her Knees

Singer Hajjara Namukwaya, popularly known as Spice Diana, brought tears of joy to her mother’s eyes by gifting her a personal car. Overwhelmed with gratitude, her mother broke down in disbelief, showering her daughter with prayers and blessings.

The heartwarming surprise was captured in a touching Snapchat video shared by Spice Diana. In the video, she presented her mother with car keys, much to Mama Birungo’s astonishment. Initially, Mama Birungo thought she was joining her daughter for a typical “slaying” session, only to be pleasantly surprised with the keys to a new vehicle.


Expressing her overwhelming emotions, Mama Birungo thanked Spice Diana for raising her and shaping her into the person she is today. Through tears of joy, she conveyed her deep appreciation for having such a loving and understanding daughter.

Spice Diana took to her social media platforms to share the heartwarming moment, revealing how she had orchestrated the surprise for her unsuspecting mother.

“She thought I had called her to slay with me,” Spice Diana shared, highlighting the element of surprise that made the gesture even more special.

The video capturing the touching exchange quickly garnered attention online, with fans and well-wishers extending their congratulations to Spice Diana and her mother for this milestone moment.


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