Finally! Brazilian players in the English premier league to represent their country for the world cup qualifiers.

Brazilian players from teams like Manchester city, United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Leeds who were called Up on by their country will be able to represent it after not doing so during the last international break of September.

A decision was reached upon to allow Brazilian players from the premier league to go on international duty this week after a facial situation during the last international break .

According to the UK government quarantine rules, Players leaving to play in ‘red list ‘ countries had to isolate for 10 days on their return to England, this made most premier league clubs to denay their players from representing their countries way back in September.

This made the Brazilian FA try to prevent any of their players who were blocked from being called up from playing for their clubs for a five day period after the international break. Due to the positive talks prevented this from happening, which would have seen the likes of Ederson,Alison, Fred, Fabinho and Thiago Silva not playing for their respective clubs.

After the situation managers called for a solution to be found ahead of October’s international break starting on Monday, FIFA released a statement late on Sunday to confirm fully Vaccinated players can go on international duty this week.

It follows a government decision to allow such players to return under quarantine, but with exceptions to leave for training and games.

The statement reads as follow; “FIFA welcomes the UK government’s decision to allow fully Vaccinated players to represent their countries in the upcoming FIFA world cup qualifiers and to return from Red List countries under suitable quarantine conditions.

“We worked closely with the UK government, Football Association and the Premier league to find a reasonable solution that is everyone’s best interests. We believe that the current situation is much better than what we experienced in September.

FIFA believes that this is a step in the right direction. It welcomes the support and involvement of all football players during the difficult period.

“We are nevertheless aware that this decision does not concern all players and we remain determined to improve the situation during the next international Windows and to participate in the discussions to explain the many measures put in place to limit the risk of transmission of covid following travel”. It said.

“We are in favour of vaccination against covid-19 and support the position of the World Health Organisation Safe, fair and equitable access is essential in all countries. Players should have priority access to vaccination “. The association said.

By Peter Kimbowa


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