“NZE NJAGALA DNA YEBESALAWO KU TAATA WOMWAANA” Bizzy Nateete alemedde kumwana wa Winnie Nwagi

Upcoming musician Bizzy Nateete has made it clear that he is determined not to give up on demanding his paternity rights for his daughter from fellow musician Winnie Nwagi.

In a recent interview with a local YouTuber, Nateete revealed that he is prepared to undergo DNA tests to prove his paternity rights if necessary.


Nateete’s comments come after Nwagi threatened legal action against him. However, he remains resolute in his pursuit of his parental rights.

“I am ready to undergo DNA tests to prove that I am the father of my daughter. I will not give up on my paternity rights,” Nateete stated during the interview.

The dispute between Nateete and Nwagi has been making headlines in recent weeks, with both parties airing their grievances on social media.

Nateete’s determination to pursue his paternity rights underscores the importance of fatherhood and the responsibility that comes with it.


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