Chameleon’s Wife Daniella says she is ready to hand over Weasel to Police

It seems like Daniella Atim the wife of singer Dr Jose Chameleone is ready to rub her inlaws the wrong way following her recent social media activity targeting Weasel’s battering of baby mama, Sandra Teta. It should be recalled that Weasel has been thumping the mother of his kids to pulp and even dumped their kids at one time at a bar.

Daniella has been at the forefront of seeing that Sandra receives justice and is helped out of this toxic relationship. She’s taken to her social media on countless occasions to call out Weasel and all those around him to help him get rehabilitation.

Daniella has now revealed that Sandra is hiding away from her parents who are in town. She further said that all those who can make sure her parents get in touch with Police authorities.

Daniella went ahead to attach the contact of Maureen Atuhaire who is the Acting Commissioner Child and Family Protection Department at the Uganda Police Force.

“I hear Sandra’s parents are in town for 2 days now but she is playing hide and seek with her very own parents,” Daniella revealed on Instagram.

“She knows they will see through her stories. Share these contacts with them if you can reach them,” she added before sharing Maureen Atuhaire’s contact. However, shockingly Sandra who Daniella is fighting for has appeared in a social media video with her inlaw Chameleone having a good time.

It’s not clear whether she hid her scars behind make up. Daniella revealed how she questioned her husband on why he’s flaunting a battered woman who needs help. The Leone Island boss told his baby mama that he was doing all he can.


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