Angel: What I knew about Dianah Nabatanzi before dating Lwasa

Kwakunda in a video shared on social media said that she got to know about Nabantazi before she (Kwakunda) started dating businessman Emmanuel Lwasa. Lwasa dated Nabatanzi before Kwakunda. “Dianah, ever since I started seeing her on TV, she has always been my friend at heart, even without ever meeting her face to face,” she said.

“She is someone I have no problem with. She is someone I liked a lot even before I got married. I didn’t even know Lwasa then. But I knew Dianah from watching her on TV. Dianah wasn’t my friend. I have never met her face to face. I just see her on TV.”

The Masaka-born tycoon and the BBS TV host dated for five years, give or take, before dramatically breaking up. Lwasa then set eyes on Angel Kwakunda.

The relationship with Kwakunda didn’t even last a year despite her announcing at their introduction in 2021 that she would give the chubby businessman 12 children.

Lwasa has announced that will be throwing a wedding party for his new girlfriend on October 29. He has refused to disclose her, saying people may sabotage the plans with “witchcraft”.

The loudmouthed tycoon, who believes his unlimited wealth will ensure continuous access to new women, has said he wants to always have two women because one is not enough.

Meanwhile, Lwasa who has said that he is no longer interested in women who want relationships that go beyond five years has been recently seen at public events with Angel who he says will also attend the wedding.


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