Those Announcing My Death Will Die first – General Saleh warns People Spreading Death Rumors About Him…

President Yoweri Museveni’s Young Brother Gen. Salim Saleh has scoffed at people who are spreading fake death rumors about him. An insider, who is very close to the bush war general has told this website that when he talked to him today about the allegations, he (Saleh) told him he doesn’t want to get involved in such nonsense.

I don’t want to get involved in the nonsense. After all, everyone will die, even those announcing my death will also die,” the insider quoted Gen. Saleh’s words. The insider told this website that Gen. Saleh is in Kapeka doing his work so well.

In the same development, Gen. Saleh’s military assistant Col. Jimmy Nkojo said that Gen. Saleh is very fine and doing his work very well. He added that those who are alleging his death have their own motives but he is very fine and healthy.

Today morning, the Deputy Press Secretary to President Museveni, Faruk Kirunda revealed that General Salim Saleh is alive and doing his Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) assignments.

For the past weeks, social media has been awash with allegations of Saleh’s death which rumors had not yet been confirmed or trashed by any concerned persons.

It was until one fake Twitter account allegedly quoted president Museveni as saying, “Countrymen and women family and friends and the entire NRM-NRA-UPDF fraternity.

“With deep sorrow, I announce the death of my brother General Salim Saleh Akandwanaho which occurred at 10:29 pm this evening in Nairobi, from organ failure.”

Kirunda quickly warned the public that his boss has not made such an announcement. He called upon the public to ignore the fake news with the contempt it deserves.

“Gen. Saleh is alive and well on his OWC assignments. Kindly ignore,” Kirunda disclosed.


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