Mayiga Mismanaged Kabaka Mutebi’s Sickness – Former Buganda Minister Pins Kingdom Premier On Buganda King’s Health…

Former Buganda Kingdom Health Minister Owekitiibwa Robert Ssebunnya has accused the Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga of mismanaging Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s sickness. In an exclusive interview with this website, Ssebunnya insisted that it was wrong for the Mengo Administration led by Mayiga to hide Kabaka Mutebi’s sickness which raised a lot of questions from his subjects and the royal family.

“Kabaka means a lot to Baganda, he is the pillar on which the Kingdom is built, so, the Baganda must know how his life is. It was wrong for our premier to wait for the subjects to start spreading rumors over his sickness which resulted in bringing him before the public in a very sorry and disturbing state,” Ssebunnya said.

A former Kabaka health minister advised that if he was in Mayiga’s position, and he realized that the Kabaka was very sick, he would immediately come out and issue a statement asking the people of Buganda to pray for their King because everyone falls sick.

Ssebunnya further advised that the Mengo establishment and Augustine Kizito Mutumba, the chairperson of the Buganda Kingdom clans head would allow the clan heads to access the Kabaka because he is part of them and more important culturally in the Kingdom setup than the Premier.

Recently, Clan heads threatened to boycott their monthly meeting protesting against Mayiga and Mutumba’s actions of denying them access to Kabaka Mutebi.

Ssebunnya also supported his boss President Museveni for not appointing Baganda in serious cabinet slots arguing that Museveni, being a politician, cannot give cabinet positions to people from a region that does not support him.

Ssebunnya said that in the 2021 presidential election, National Unity Platform (NUP) candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine badly defeated Museveni in Buganda.

However, Ssebunnya, who is president Museveni’s senior presidential advisor on Buganda pleaded with his boss not to stop giving government services to the people of Buganda because in the next elections, he will need them. He insisted that Museveni cannot govern Uganda without the blessings of Buganda given the region’s past political history with him.


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