Do not ever try to advise people who are having issues in a relationship: Geosteady and Prima In Love Again!

Do not ever try to advise people who are having issues in a relationship. If your advice is for them to break up, I pity you because you might turn from being an angel to the devil. These people might break up and get into different relationships but end up getting back together.

This seems the case with singer Geosteady and ex-Prima Kardashi. The couple broke up a number of years ago and got into different relationships. Prima dated and broke up with Galaxy FM presenter Mr. Henrie.

Geosteady on the other hand dated and married Hindu Kay. He had to even concert to her Islamic religion and together they have a kid, and a son and are still together. It however doesn’t seem to be for long as the way Prima and the singer are behaving lately.

A video that is circulating on social media shows the two all acting lovey dicey with Prima seated on Geosteady’s lap. This is in preparation for the singer’s wine and dines with Geosteady concert that is due soon.

And with the way the two who share two daughters Sorayah and Solange are behaving, the family might be getting back together soon. And since he’s now a Moslem, Geosteady can keep all his women.


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