My wife recently celebrated her birthday, SHE WANTED ME TO GIFT HER A MALAYSIAN HAIR

My wife recently celebrated her birthday about a month ago, but prior to that day, she had demanded I get her a birthday gift. She had wanted me to gift her Malaysian hair. “Alright! No problem” I agreed “I will do just that”

I eventually left for work that day but later had to google the cost of the Malaysian hair and was shocked to realize it was about 600k I had to immediately dail her on phone, and soon she picked up.

“Darling, what hair were you even demanding again?” I asked her “Malaysian hair! Have you bought it?” She voiced excitedly “No o” I grumbled, “I thought you were requesting Peruvian hair”


“Peruvian what? When did I mention Peruvian hair? It was Malaysian I had always wanted” She fumed “It’s Peruvian hair I can afford, please” I maintained “Hmmm! Oya, get me the Peruvian hair. No wahala” She accepted and the call hung up

I hit google again for the cost of Peruvian hair and realized it was about three times the cost of Malaysian hair. I almost had a heart attack. I was disturbed. I had thought the Peruvian hair was a bit cheaper than the Malaysian. So I began thinking of ideas to suggest to her instead.

So I hit google for the third time and began searching and downloading photos of ladies on low cut hair, very beautiful ones. I then sent the photos to my wife on WhatsApp, and immediately she viewed them, she called me on phone. “What were those photos you sent me?” She asked in an annoying tone

“You know, my dear” I cleared my throat and began “I have been meaning to see how you will look on low cut and I think you should try it this period, it would fit you a lot better than those Mami-water hairs” “Listen up, Nnamdi” She hit back “It’s either the Peruvian hair you promised or nothing”

“But those hairs are too expensive now, how will you be carrying the prices of a plot of land on your head?…”

I was still talking when she hung up. Women and their wahala. Is it because I had demanded an iPhone and she gifted me an iPhone X on my last birthday? Now it’s her turn and she wants to finish me kpata kpata.

Since that day she has been making faces for me but I didn’t care. On her birthday, I bought her shoes and bags instead but she rejected them. Well, that’s not my problem. My problem is, this is how we had been sleeping on the bed for the past month now.


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