Bobi Wine waited 6 hours at church to take me on a date – Barbie Kyagulanyi

Barbie, who was then a choir member, had informed Wine that she had to be in church from 8am to 2pm, so she could only be available after that. She revealed this during a service led by Pastor Wilson Bugembe some time back.

Bugembe: “How did you meet?”

Barbie: “That one found me in a church.”

[The congregation, including Barbie and Wine, who was seated next to her — burst out laughing. Some clapped.]

Barbie: “I’m not lying.”

Bugembe: “Ah-huh!… Tell us.”

Barbie: “I was a choir member. He had to come and take me for lunch, but I told him I pray from 8am to 2pm because I’m a choir member. So, he came and sat through all the services… and he waited for me.”

[Wine continues laughing while swinging his index finger at her.]

Bugembe: “Go on.”

Barbie: “Then he had little dreads. He would cover them. He came and sat. I don’t know if he benefitted from the service.”

On August 28, the couple celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary.

They had amazing things to say about each other.

Wine said: “Dear Barbie Kyagulanyi, it’s been such an honour being married to you. I couldn’t imagine a better companion. May this, our 11th wedding anniversary bring you sweet memories of our love story. I love you so much.”

Barbie said: “My love, I can’t describe in words how much you’ve loved me… You’ve been there for me and provided all forms of protection. My do or die, I can’t tell you the kind of prayers I’ve been dedicating to you.”

They met when Wine was at Makerere University while Barbie was in senior six at Bweranyangi Girls’ Senior Secondary School.


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