Victor Ruz Advises Youths To Protect Their Lives From HIV

Musician Victor Ruz has advised the youths out there to be conscious of their lives and prevent themselves from contracting HIV/AIDS. He made the remarks during one of the seminars organized by Uganda Aids Commission ambassador MC Kats.

Kats in the past few days alongside other celebrities have been traversing the country spreading HIV/AIDS awareness. Their target is educating people on how to avoid getting the virus and positive living for those having the disease.

Victor Ruz said that the youths should always protect themselves by using protection, testing and abstinence. He also added that communities should not discriminate against those who are HIV positive. They should instead be their pillar for recovery.

According to the singer, the goal is to kick HIV out of Uganda by 2030.

“I want to call upon all the youths out there to be mindful of their lives. It’s a collective responsibility for all of us to create awareness about HIV. And i’m glad to partner with MC Kats to spread this message. We want to end HIV by 2030 in Uganda. And for those who are already sick, we have to be their pillars and comfort them because discrimination can even kill them very early.”

Uganda is one of those countries that have a high rate of HIV infections in sub-Saharan Africa. Efforts to curb the disease have however concentrated much more in the urban areas than rural areas. This is despite villages having a high HIV prevalence rate.



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