Man who sponsored his girlfriend’s education and bought a car for her says he can’t live anymore after she dumped him

Presently going viral in some quarters of the internet is the sad story of a man called Sir Semi who has probably been served the coldest breakfast ever. The distraught man, therefore, took to Twitter to share his sad story while sharing a video of his girlfriend claiming he sponsored her education and even bought her a car at a point in time.

Despite all that he invested in the relationship with the hope that they might take it to a different dimension, the lady had other plans. As revealed by Sir Semi, the lady has dumped her without any warning which has ushered him into a realm of depression and given him suicidal thoughts.

In other news, Ayisha Modi and Stonebwoy are back together after their online feud a few months ago. As seen in a new video shared online, the cheerleader of the Bhim Nation fraternity made money rain on the A-list artiste while he was performing on stage at a recent event together with Jupitar.

Recall that despite Ayisha’s huge influence in Stonebwoy’s professional career, the artiste raised thick eyebrows when he said on Accra FM that she has not contributed to his life musically.

This sparked tension between them as Ayisha criticized Stonebwoy on her Instagram page for being ungrateful and egotistical.


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