Okutuusa nga Bazadde bange Baddiza Lwasa ebintubye, Nze Nkyali Mukyala We era Sisobola Kuwawukana naye – Angel Kwakunda

Angel Kwakunda, Emmanuel Lwasa’s ex-fiancée, has revealed that she won’t end their relationship until her parents have refunded his dowry. At the start of 2021, Masaka-based businessman Emmanuel Lwasa and Angel Kwakunda solidified their relationship when they held a flamboyant customary introduction at the latter’s parents.

Emmanuel Lwasa presented the dowry that was assigned to him by Angel’s parents, before a large audience from all walks of life. However, a few months into their union, they encountered a couple of challenges that saw them part ways.

In a recent interview with Bukedde TV, however, Angel said that despite Lwasa getting married to other women, she still considers herself his wife, because her parents brought them together in a customary introduction ceremony.

Angel further emphasized that in accordance with her Kinyankore tradition setting, if Lwasa wishes to breach their pact, he should go see her parents. There, they would return his dowry, and their relationship will then be over.

In the absence of that, her parents still refer to him as their son-in-law and hold him in high regard because they gave him custody of their daughter.



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