Zari meets Shakib’s parents, and promises them grandchildren

Socialite Zarinah Hassan, alias Zari, revealed that she met the parents of her boyfriend, Shakib Lutaaya. “I’ve met his parents.

He took me to literally [sic] meet his parents and they were so nice, [and I don’t remember them complaining about the relationship],” said Zari who was speaking to newsmen after a press conference organised to talk about her upcoming All-white Party that will be held December 22.

Zari reiterated that she will have children with Lutaaya, but at her own pace. “I will give birth to more children, but not because of public pressure,” said the socialite, who already has five children.

Zari made the revelation while defending her relationship with Lutaaya, who is 12 years her junior.

She wondered why society doesn’t rebuke men who date younger girls but women are always admonished for doing it.

“How come you don’t talk when old men date 15-year-old girls?… Old men date 15-year-old girls and you don’t talk, so you cannot tell me 42 and 30… Shakib is not a child… I don’t see a problem with it. But when it comes to women, you turn into a problem,” she said.

“How come you don’t talk about men? Society has double standards… Honestly speaking, he is not a child. He has been above 18 long time ago [sic], so I don’t find a problem in it.”

In September Shakib Lutaaya told Zari that he wants to meet her father, Nasur Hassan.

Zari has five children from two marriages. With the late Ivan Ssemwanga, whom she divorced in 2013, she sired Pinto Semwanga, George Semwanga and Dido Semwanga.

Latifah Dangote and Prince Nillan are the children she had while dating the Tanzanian crooner, Diamond Platinumz.


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