Kadama Alumiriza Taata wa Spice Diana Okulya Ssente ze eza Pasport

Singer Spice Diana’s father is on the spot for allegedly eating a Saudi Arabian housemaid’s money meant to process passports. Hasfa, a local of Mpererwe Kikuubo Zone, claims that she was recommended to Spice Diana’s father Mr. Zibira by a friend as the finest person to handle the processing of passports.

She adds that she assigned him to process two individuals’ express passports with each costing UGX 350,000. She paid him UGX 750,000, with the additional UGX 50,000 going toward transportation.

After three days, Mr. Zibira reached out to Hasfa and asked her to add an extra UGX 150,000 to process one of the person’s national IDs because it was faulty, which she did.

Hasfa was told by Mr. Zibira that her passports would be available in two to three months, but they elapsed with no sign of them.

The government imposed a nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 lockdown as Hasfa sought her passports, and Zibira reassured her that he would avail the passports as soon as the government lifted the lockdown.

However, the government lifted the lockdown, but Zibira has never availed the passports and the national ID as per his initial pledge.

It is at this point that Hasfa urged Spice Diana to talk to her father, such that he can avail her passports and national ID.


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