Ssebo Webale Kukuza baana Bange – Geosteady Asekeredde Mr Henrie

Local singer, Hassan George Kigozi famously known by his stage name Geosteady, has continued to mock radio presenter and his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend Mr. Henrie. This time, he is apparently “thanking” him for looking after his children.

Geosteady rose to fame in 2014 with his girlfriend and mother to his two older children, Prima Kardashi. The two stayed in their relationship.

In 2019 they legalized everything with Prima taking him to her parents in a beautiful introduction ceremony. After the introduction ceremony, the couple failed to work out things.

They were constantly fighting with each other. In early January 2020, they completely split up leaving Prima to take on their two children with her.

Geosteady started dating a Muslim lady known as Hindu. Prima Kardashi on the other hand, moved on with Galaxy FM radio presenter Mr Henrie.

During the breakup period, Prima constantly complained on social media about Geosteady not looking after the children especially by sending school fees and food or clothes for them.

She applauded the then-boyfriend Mr. Henrie who has no child for taking on the responsibility of fatherhood in the lives of their children and providing them with everything they needed.

However, a few months ago, Mr. Henrie and Prima broke up. She immediately ran back to the father of her children. Desperate Geosteady was quick to take her on after the breakup as if nothing had happened between them.

At the moment, the singer is mocking Mr. Henrie for the time he helped him look after the children.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Henrie for looking after my daughters. I hadn’t asked him to do so but he did it willingly and I couldn’t say no,” Geosteady said.


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