Get King Saha Chewing Gum- kuba akamwaake kawunya bubi olwe njaga!! Brian Mulondo

KFM’s D’Mighty breakfast co-host, Brian Mulondo, has come out to tell King Saha’s manager to advise him to start using chewing gum to minimize his stench from smoking weed.

According to Brian Mulondo, no one is against Saha smoking his weed but he smells horrible. The radio presenter added that the singer should at least freshen up when coming for corporate gigs or weddings. Besides, he always tries to sing around the bride and groom not knowing how uncomfortable it is for them.

Mulondo also went ahead to tear through other musicians for being horribly unhygienic. He revealed that most of these don’t shower at all. The stench that emanates from them is like the Kitezi dumping site.

According to Mulondo, there are singers they can’t invite to their studio or give gigs because of hygiene. He also added that they have had to chase some from the studio because of stinking.

“I want to call upon Saha’s manager to start advising him to use chewing gum to suppress his odd stench from weed. Nobody is stopping him from smoking it but when coming for corporate gigs or weddings, he should at least freshen up. And not just him, there are lots of musicians there who don’t shower that we know and can’t hire or interview them here,” said Brian Mulondo.

It should be recalled that Bebe Cool for some time advised Saha to quit weed a while ago. He also opposed Saha’s UMA presidency because he was unkempt, dirty, and untidy. Saha however took the advice in bad faith and has been attacking Bebe Cool since then.


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