You can Become famous in Uganda without having any talent or improvising any excellent tactic: Here are the Weird Ideas on how to do it!

It’s a tough world out there and getting recognized can take years or never happen at all. Millions of talented young people spend years trying to make it big with little or nothing to show for it.
However, some people seem to get famous overnight with seemingly no talent whatsoever.

The faces we see plastered all over the tabloids are people who don’t actually do anything. They are “personalities,” “socialites” and “entertainers” who do nothing but embarrass themselves until we can’t forget their names.

Basically, a simple tip to becoming famous without improvising any excellent tactic is to do everything your parents ever told you not to do.

So here’s a list of all the ways you can get famous without having any talent at all.

They say if you can’t make a name in good faith then make it through alternative means.

For guys, I am not sure, but for ladies, this will be a sure pass for your stardom. Take the example of Desire Luzinda with her viral ‘kitone’ nude photos. After releasing her nakedness for the whole nation to see, is there any single Ugandan who doesn’t know the well-endowed Desire? Hope not.

This female singer was struggling musically, but after her nudes surfaced online, most male species started to enjoy her music not because she is the best in the game but simply because she sampled them on what her mama gave her. And now she is enjoying the sweat of her ‘hard work’.

Another example of someone who became famous at a young age is Tiktoker Yvonne Nakankaka who released her nud_e videos a few months ago. She became a ‘celebrity’ overnight after the incident because every person wanted to know who Nakankaka was.

Kidnap yourself

As a matter of fact, I don’t encourage self kidnaps but if you really feel you need to be famous; then look no further, wake up one day, lay a strategy then disappear in thin air. Within minutes you would have made headlines on all platforms of media. Goal achieved right???

Have 8 Kids At One Time

No one can resist an Octomom, so if you can’t get famous, just get pregnant and ask the Heavenly God to bless you with such an amount of babies at once.

Make a horrible viral video

This is not new in your eyes, a number of lucky people have made horrible videos which have gone viral on social media and some have even gotten a chance to gain endorsements out them.

Get shot 9 times

Wake up one day, arm yourself with a toy gun, wait for President Museveni’s motor barricade, point your fake gun at it, I swear to God you will receive the nine bullets you always yearned for in a swipe of a Smartphone screen. With that, you will be the most famous person in Africa.


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