I don’t do any drugs” Singer Barbaritah Denies Smoking Weed And Boozing

Forever upcoming singer, Barbaritah, has denied rumours that she smokes weed and boozes heavily. This is after concerns first arose during her performance in September at David Lutalo’s concert.

The Katijjo singer appeared on stage all staggered and disorganized and couldn’t sync alongside the band. This left people all thinking one thing, that she was drunk but she refuted this.

Barbaritah, blamed the live band and the makers of the lineup of artists to perform. Fans however didn’t believe this and kept on accusing her of being intoxicated

She’s now come out once again to address these issues of being high all the time. Barbaritah denied using any toxic substance partly because she respects her parents so much.

“I don’t do any drugs meaning I don’t smoke weed or drink alcohol. The fracas at David Lutalo’s concert was a mixup between the live band and those who made the lineup of artists. The live band was told another artist was coming whereas I was the one told to go on stage. And we were told that if the live band doesn’t sync with you, don’t stop but try to pull them along. It’s what I tried to do and besides, I respect my parents so much,” she said.

Barbaritah who is in Maritine entertainment was one of the singers who helped Fille Mutoni when she was depressed. Fille at the time had resorted to heavy drug abuse.

Probably Barbaritah has an idea of how drugs can ruin someone’s life and career and she wouldn’t try them.



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