Why Spice Diana and Sheebah’s friendship has ended

Singer Spice Diana and Sheebah ended their year 2022 on a bad note after their beef spiring around like Wildfire. The two haven’t been seeing eye to eye for so many years although last year 2022 Sheebah somehow tried to make things work out.

After Sheebah reached out to Spice Diana, she was so excited and she immediately took the opportunity and started talking about it too. But little did she know that Sheebah is all about the business she has no time to waste being a loyal friend.

Early last month in December, Sheebah had a two days concert and all two days, Spice Diana was fully supporting her. Spice Diana was also promoting her incoming concert on January 13th, 2023 not knowing Sheebah has a concert on the same date.

A few days ago, Sheebah announced her concert, and all fans were left amused by hoe disloyal Sheebah is. They all expected Sheebah to fully support Spice Diana.

Now Spice Diana revealed how disappointed she is and we don’t expect their friendship to stay the same.


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