EYO NUGU: “Saha did not perform well because he released many average songs” King Saha Ranked Worst Artist on the Bebe Cool List

On the Bebe Cool list released earlier today, Bobi Wine bags legendary applause, while King Saha went home with the worst artist accolade. It is that time of the year when the Gagamel chief Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool issues his long-anticipated “Bebe Cool list”, where he credits fellow artists who have worked well in various aspects.

Unlike the previous years, the Bebe Cool list was aired live on Sanyuka TV, a tremendous stride as far as the singer’s list is concerned. In his live broadcast on Sanyuka TV earlier today, Bebe Cool revealed that given his experience and input in the music industry, he has the moral authority to rank and recognize hardworking artists.

Before revealing his list, Bebe disclosed that last year was a fair year because some artists went on to outshine others despite the year being financially challenging.

ON NUMBER 13, King  Saha Sad but true the year ends on a sad note when this young man is admitted in the hospital because of the same reasons that I always talk about. These are well documented and the public knows. We pray that Saha gets well soon. And he will in God’s name.
Musically Saha did not perform well because he released many average songs, but only one surpassed them. But I believe it did not become a major hit because it was a good song, but rather because of abusing and disrespecting a fellow artist and his family. This could have impressed the enemies of Bebe Cool for a few applauses but in reality, it has had a negative impact on Saha’s music this year.
There is a very big difference between abusing and beefing. Beefing might be interesting to the audience but it has a limited time because what audiences consume is music, not beef while abusing is treating someone with violence, disrespect, and harm. With such a good talent if you (Saha) had a responsible management team, friends, and genuine fans, all would have been able to advise you accordingly.
Unfortunately, artist like you negatively inspires upcoming talents to think it’s okay to promote and abuse drugs. For example, upcoming artist ALIEN SKIN who has good songs like “SITYA DANGER & TONKAKA” are learning bad ways from people like you.
He has on several occasions appeared on stage and videod smoking.
Uganda’s population is predominantly the youth. We must inspire these young people by doing right, not wrong.
I believe the platform given to us as artists by God should be used for our good and the good of our people. Entertainment and sports are very big job-creating creating sectors that artists and sports personalities should all be responsible to promote and protect.
The Bebe Cool list will never promote or credit any form of ABUSE.


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