Hellen Lukoma parades sumbie as she welcomes new year

Female faded singers always have a way of making comebacks when things are not going their way. Singer-turned-actress Hellen Lukoma has been in the news in the last few days..

And not for her music but for her nudi-ty which she doesn’t mind about throwing in everyone’s face. She left revelers at Galaxy FM’S recent concert at Gaba Beach or shell-shocked.

This is after stepping on stage and parading her sumbie for everyone to see. Lukoma who has developed a habit of spreading her legs not caring what she’s exposing was at it again.

Dressed in a very short skimpy dress, Lukoma put up some explicit performance exposing her black undies.

A lot of people have come out to show their disgust for her performance as her music career even doesn’t look like it will be revived by this. Some pointed out that her being a mother of two kids and a married woman, she should desist from such.


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