It’s not your role to tell parents how to raise their children – Faridah Nakazibwe to Ugandans

News anchor Faridah Nakazibwe is not happy with Ugandans who always think they are right telling parents how to raise their children. Faridah Nakazibwe is a single mother of three girls and she is always with her daughters posting them on social media.

Fans are always criticizing her for the way she is raising her daughters and she looks like she doesn’t appreciate all that criticism. Today she made a long post on her social media platforms telling Ugandans to leave other people’s children out of their mouths.

Do all things but teaching a parent how to raise their children shouldn’t be your role!

When raising these children, of course as a parent, you try to pass onto the best values you think will help them. But as children grow, they decide how they want to live their lives.

However much a child messes, a true parent has to be in their kid’s corner regardless! Do you see how Frank supports Sheila amidst all the social media trolls? Have you heard Winnie’s dad defending his daughter publicly almost when everyone was casting her? I love that! I love to see it! It would be absolute shame to have a parent side with the public to rebuke a child like they can’t call them back home and talk. Rebuke them in private. Defend them in public.

People might have a lot to say about parents like you…. “ohhh, what kind of parent are you? You’ve spoilt the child bla bla”. But I tell you; many fathers have a lot to learn. You don’t choose to love your children only on their good days and when they mess like each one of us; “…you’re such a disgrace era nkuzaalukuse.”

Who would be a bad parent here?🤔


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