Obulamu Bwange Buli Mu Katyabaga Lwa Spice Diana: Tamale Mirundi Cries Out

Ex-aide to President Yoweri Museveni, Tamale Mirundi, has cried out, citing threats from someone who he claims is the boyfriend of star singer Spice Diana (Diana Namukwaya).

In an exclusive interview with theGrapevine, Tamale says he has received threats from an unknown person claiming to be singer Spice’s boyfriend. Tamale says that while he is being threatened, his family and that of Spice are friends.

“It is true. I know Spice Diana and her mother are my close friends. I can’t be in love with her. She is too young. I am approaching 70 years,” Mirundi said.

Besides being friends with Spice’s family and the singer being too young, Mirundi says that specialists have advised him against sex (especially with young girls) for him to live longer.


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