Bebe Cool promised Zuena a lavish wedding before the end of 2022 and it’s now 2023, what went wrong?

One of the things Cool has been harassed for is not throwing a lavish wedding party like Wine and Jose Chameleoene did when they married.

In one encounter with the media, Wine had this to say about Cool’s wedding event: “Bebe Cool held his wedding a long time ago. The wedding party was held, I think, in Kiwatule, that’s where he was renting. I’m the one who brought drinks to his wedding.”

He added: “It was a quick wedding, with a budget of about Shs60,000. We bought a crate of soda, we brought a goat ‘thigh’ and roasted it. He held a party.”

Because he has never thrown a glamorous wedding party, some section of the public doesn’t even know he is officially married. But the couple got married in a civil ceremony on September 12, 2003, at Crane Chambers.

Cool has always come under pressure to throw the party and he has made promises that he never makes good on, and fellow musicians like King Saha have used this as an opportunity to keep taunting him.

The latest promise was to be fulfilled this past year. While at a Fame Lounge event in Kololo in 2019, Cool promised to throw a wedding party for his wife, Zuena Kirema, come 2022.

“Zuena has been so patient with me, I was still building a future for our kids but now that everything is set, I promise I am going to wed her before the end of 2022,” Cool said during the event dubbed Meet Your Celebrity, hosted by MC Kats.

Well, it’s now 2023.


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