Ssebo Tetuli Mbwa, Tuwe Ekitiibwa – Mesach Semakula Tells Bajjo

Legendary band artiste, Mesach Semakula, has called out events promoter Bajjo real name Andrew Mukasa to start respecting artists. He added that artists are not his dogs.  This came after Bajjo went on television and attacked artists who have hiked their prices for performances.

The angry Bajjo referred to artists as dogs saying they don’t understand the businesses and they don’t know their worth. He said you find an artiste who can’t even bring 500 people to an event asking for 10 million.

Among the artists he mentioned are Juliana Kanyomozi, Pallaso, and the likes of Walukaga who don’t have any hit songs in their lives.

With the language Bajjo used, Mesach Semakula wasn’t happy with it. He said that artistes are being disrespected in the public and it is going to affect the industry in years to come.

According to Mesach Semakula, he knows Bajjo on a personal basis. He knows that his work can’t move without artistes. So as a way of winning, they have to respect each other’s job.

The talented singer told Bajjo to start thinking about his words because that will help him even get more successful. If he sees a problem in an artiste, he should approach them privately but not call them dogs on national television.

“I saw a video where Bajjo was calling us artistes dogs. I want to ask Bajjo to respect us because we are not dogs like he said. He knows very well that without artistes he can’t carry out his business. If we don’t respect one another, the music industry is will surfer. I know Bajjo on a personal basis, I don’t want to say anything bad about him right now. I ask him to mind his language and give artistes the respect they deserve,” he Said.


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