Bebe Cool calls Zuena to ‘intervene’ as slay queen dares him with nyash

Musician Moses Ssali, better known as Bebe Cool, found himself in a tough situation when a baddie hit the stage to deliver nyash yet his wife, Zuena Kirema, was in the audience. This was during the latest edition of Purple Party that was held in December at Aero Beach in Entebbe.

Mid-performance the baddie steps on stage and starts touching Cool who dances along, before asking her whether she doesn’t fear Kirema.

Cool: “You said your name is?”

Baddie: ‘Sandra.”

Cool: “Ah-huh, Sandra, let’s see! Sandra said she doesn’t fear… Sandra, how are you feeling?”

Sandra: “I’m so happy.”

Cool: “Are you sure?”

[Zuena comes and hugs her while rubbing her shoulders.]

Cool: “Mama baby, come and say hi … you know this generation has not seen a beautiful woman… this is the mother of my children and my message to you is trust in love… say hi to them, you [audience] will listen to the sweet voice [Zuena smiles].”


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