“Nze Sisisinkanangako Saleh mu bulamu bwange era simukwatako wadde mu ngalo anesibilako bwerere” – Lord Mayor Lukwago atabuse

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has denied having any links with Gen. Salim Saleh. A handwritten note purportedly from Gen. Saleh and addressed to Lukwago has been the subject of media speculation for about a week now.

According to the chit, Salim Saleh, the brother of President Museveni, has previously supported Lukwago in his political campaigns but won’t do so unless Lukwago retracts his comments.

Since he and General Salim Saleh don’t have a relationship, Lukwago claimed this morning on NBS TV that he has never gotten any support from him.

I have never met Saleh in my life and never even shaken hands with him,” said Lukwago.

He added, “When people are dirty, they always want to make you also look dirty, and that is the irony.”

What amuses me is that they think that to bring down Lukwago, “let’s create a picture of him being close to us.”

Meanwhile, Saleh is yet to publically speak about the matter.


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