Meet MC Stubborn the fastest and talented upcoming Ugandan comedians of our time with several funny characters

Bbaale Frank Kanubra aka MC Stubborn born on 17th December 2000 at St. Francis Hospital Nsambya by late Nakirijja Mariam Sylvia and Mayanja Vicent, grew up in Katwe  Kampala suburb with his grandmother Nakyejwe Gladys who took care of him from infancy up to his juvenile stage.

The comedian started his formal education at Nsambya Parents Nursery and Primary School in Katwe and later joined  Water Bucks Primary School in Kawempe where he completed his primary level and Kinaawa High School Kawempe for his secondary level.

In late 2019, MC Stubborn acquired the idea of doing comedy through being inspired by Flaqo Raz a Kenyan comedian. Due to a deficiency of money, he went to Gulu in December 2019 to hustle as a youth by hawking women’s outfits from 2020 through.

When he came back from Gulu in 2021, he started to auction men’s gentle outfits on a certain street in Kampala. However, he did not forget his dream of becoming a comedian and this is where his journey in comedy started.

He started shooting comedy skits while uploading them on social media but no one could pay attention to them upto when he was given the idea of joining TikTok by one of his friends. He later bought the idea and joined tiktok on 13th April 2021 where he started using it by doing comedy skits using the trending sounds of tiktok while acting different characters in every single video.

This is where he hit the jackpot and his first video collected for him 30.5k views in one day which was nonstop audio for one of the famous DJs known as Suuna Ben. This gave him the strength to make a second video, he posted it and it collected 45.3k viewers in one day and this became a daily routine from there and then. Since he persisted on it, MC.Stubborn is now one of the biggest tiktokers in Uganda with over 270k followers, over 2.6 million total likes, and still counting.

Stubborn says that TikTok has a bit changed his life via different achievements like endorsing some companies like 1XBET UGANDA, BBAALVIC BAKERY and so many others which have given him some good money and has improved his life as a youth.

However much he achieves, MC.Stubborn also faces different challenges on TikTok like shadow burning his account at a certain point when he posts videos that break the community guidelines of TikTok. This reduces his views of all videos he posts upto when his account is removed from shadow burn and warning.

In general,BBAALE FRANK KANUBRA commonly known as MC STUBBORN has a goal of becoming one of the biggest comedians in Uganda online through your support.


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