Prima Kadarshi Sides with Pretty Nichole’s Tormentors, Says Some Girls Require Kiboko

Socialite and beautician Prima Kadarshi has come out and sided with Pretty Nichole’s tormentors, on grounds that some girls need kibooko.

Since the surfacing of a video portraying a girl Pretty Nichole being thrashed by a group of girls for snatching a man, various netizens have been reacting to the saga.

Unlike most of the celebrities that have called out the Police to arrest Pretty Nichole’s tormentors, Prima Kadarshi has a different point of view.

Through her socials, Prima revealed that instead of blaming Nichole’s tormentors, critics should castigate the man in question.

And below is what she had to say..

A lot of women have hate on their hearts because they have been there for these men and all they are paid is Disrespect and comparing them to your new girlfriends.
and the girls also don’t rest. she has the man and she will keep provoking the poor woman she found with the Stupid man.
you find a single mum struggling with four kids, being abused n disrespected by the man just becoz he got a new girl.

let them say their story then we can judge but am 100% sure ekyamutimpuza kamanyilo.


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