VIDEOS: Shocking details emerge about Pretty Nicole and why her friends beat her over a man

Yesterday saw social media erupt in flames after videos of about 3 girls accompanied by a man surfaced while beating up another girl. The girl who was being beaten has been identified as Pretty Nicole.

And the one who led the charge of beating Nicole is known as Kaftah. It’s said Kaftah and Nicole have been good friends. However, Nicole allegedly tried to steal Kaftah’s boyfriend.

She would feed him with wrong info about how Kaftah is cheating on him and sleeping with other men. Little did she know that Kaftah’s boyfriend always told Kaftah everything that Nicole told her.

Sadly for Nicole, she would at times tell this boyfriend how Kaftah has gone out with other men when Kaftah is in fact at that moment with her boyfriend. This boyfriend tricked Nicole to come to his place and tell him all about how his girlfriend cheats on him.

However, when she got there, Kaftah showed up with two of her friends and ganged up on Nicole. They asked her to narrate everything she’s been telling her boyfriend from A-Z. Nicole couldn’t say anything because she had been smoked out.

These girls resorted to beating her, pulling her hair, cursing her, and undressing her. This happened all the while as Kaftah’s boyfriend recorded the video and cheered them on.

Previous videos have all showed Kaftah and Nicole having a good time.

They were clearly good friends before the wire war separated them.

Police have however already confirmed the arrest of these criminals after calls from social media grew to have them arrested. Many people including celebrities have come out to condemn these senseless acts.


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