Sasha Brighton Reveals That She Underwent Depression

Kampala socialite and struggling singer, Sasha Brighton, has revealed that she underwent depression. This was at a time when a voice note of her lamenting her sorry situation leaked to the media.

The Amaalo singer says that this was leaked by a close friend of hers she had supposedly annoyed. In this voice note, Sasha was heard lamenting about how her man dumped her when she was pregnant. She added that this man had barred her from working at a time she was pregnant. He even stopped her from singing promising her to provide everything for her.

He soon cut off communication and left her to suffer on her own. She got to a point where she couldn’t even afford to pay her rent.

The moment this voice note leaked, she got depressed and didn’t want to talk anyone. She was afraid of what the public would say about her.

However her long time friend and fellow singer Chris Evans reached out to her. At first she didn’t want to see him but he insisted and they ended up doing a song titled Teo.

“The voice message was leaked by a friend of mine who I think I might have annoyed. When I got this news, I was so depressed because I didn’t know how people would react about it. My friend Chris Evans reached out but I didn’t want to talk to anyone. He convinced me and I finally gave in. We ended up doing a song to comfort other people going through such situations,” she said.

The singer also revealed that she’s currently single. And she has neither an ex nor a man currently. She’s however previously dated a couple of men such as faded socialite Herbert Shonga who she snatched from his wife Dorothy Shonga. She is also a mother of two boys.


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