Maama wa Pretty Nicole adukidde wa speaker Anita Among, ne prime Minister Nabbanja bamuyambe

The mother of Pretty Nicole (not her real name) has asked Speaker of Parliament Anita Among, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, lawmakers, and human rights groups for financial assistance to treat her daughter who was badly beaten by a gang of women in Kira, Wakiso district.

Police yesterday arrested a woman identified as Kafta Queen, 18, who appeared in a viral video beating up Nicole whom she accused of trying to snatch her man.

Kafta and her friends filmed themselves severely beating up Nicole at the former’s rented house in Kira, sparking a firestorm on social media. Enraged Ugandans piled pressure on police to arrest the perpetrators of the violence meted out against Nicole.

Now Nicole’s mother on Tuesday night urged Among and Nabbanja for financial help “so that i can take my daughter to the hospital to treat the injuries sustained from the beatings.”

“I also request that those who beat up my daughter should be arrested. We are told their dad is a high-ranking security officer,” she added without providing more details.

Nicole’s mom also asked for compensation from Kafta and her accomplices, adding, “these people who beat up my daughter should be made to pay for their crime. We need justice because the victim is so young”

Nicole’s mother also asked police to arrest the man who was having an affair with her daughter, saying she is still a minor.

In the viral video which sparked outrage on social media, Kafta and her friends are heard accusing Nicole of going to the former’s boyfriend’s home without their knowledge. They then proceed to slap Nicole and beat her up with sticks and pour water on her.

Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire said the search for two other suspects accused of beating Nicole is underway.


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