“Dala Sheila bw’aba tasobola kumpa kitiibwa eyamuwaayo obulamu bwange bwonna ku lulwe ani gw’anaawa ekitiibwa?” – Frank Gashumba

Canadian-American chemist and author, Orlando Aloysius Battista once said: “The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day.”

Perhaps this quote appealed more to Ugandan social and political commentator, Frank Gashumba as he said one of his main objectives in life is to make his daughter, a socialite and fashion star, Sheila Gashumba, one of the greatest Ugandan women of all her generation.

In a leaked audio recording, Frank is heard expressing his disappointment over his daughter’s conduct.

He claims he’s sacrificed a lot for his daughter Sheila, including putting his reputation online and trying to give her all the time, attention, and the best she deserves as his daughter.

“Can you imagine I have to fix an appointment to see my daughter? Worse still, if you agree to meet at 2pm, she’ll show up at 5pm,” Frank is


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