Videos: Men in Uganda are scarce series- women continue to fight

When they told you that men are going to be scarce in 2023, you might have doubted the prophecy but it seems like you needn’t with the current unfoldings. As witnessed on social media women have continued to trash the women empower women talk.

Instead, they are on the women empower men street as they continue to fight for men. Following Pretty Nicole’s scenario where she was beaten by her friends for attempting to snatch one of her friend’s man, the trend has gone further.

Videos on social media have continued to prove this.

One of the videos shows two girls in a lecture room presumably Makerere University thumping themselves seriously and it was said that this was over a guy.

Another video accessed by this website shows a number of women ganging up on another and beating her mercilessly.

And this is a minor compared to them.


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