I Have Never Heard About Bajjo, I have even never heard about that name – Sheebah Rants

Singer Sheebah Kalungi has surprised Ugandans after revealing that she doesn’t know anyone called Bajjo. The singer has been in the music industry for so many years and like any other artiste, she is expected to be knowing stakeholders like promoters.

The most common promoters in Uganda are Bajjo and Abitex but in an interview with local television, Sheebah revealed that she has never heard of anyone called Bajjo.

According to Sheebah, her job is not to know about promoters. She is supposed to do the singing, performing and little pushing of her songs as the rest is left to management. The talented singer also said whenever she is called to perform at a certain concert, she doesn’t ask about the promoter who organized it.

If management tells her the payment is okay, she will show up and do her job. The rest is for others to sort out.

“I don’t know anyone called Bajjo, I have even never heard about that name. Ugandans should stop thinking that I have to know everyone in the music industry. My job is to go to studio, sing, show up for shows, and do my other personal things. My management deals with the bookings and everything. So, I think they are the ones that know Bajjo,” she revealed.

It should be noted that Sheebah said this after promoters set up a standard price for each artiste in terms of performing. She is among the top artistes on the list. However, she says she is not worth that price with the hard work she puts into her work.


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