Generous Pallaso Gifts MC Kats With An Audi Car And Buys 2M Worth Of Tickets For His King Of The Mic Show Happening Next Week.

The Malamu hitmaker, Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso donated a car to Edwin Katamba known by stage name, MC Kats with the aim of thanking him for giving him a mic while he was still an upcoming artist.

While having an exclusive interview with Kats, at NBS TV After five entertainment show that runs every day of the week, Pallaso before the cameras gifted Kats with a car [Audi Fleet] because he is one of those who gave him the mic when he is not know by any in the 2002.

“By that way, Pallaso, you having how many cars, and where is your Benz? Am seeing the red car there and the BMW here?” Kats asked Pallaso in an exclusive interview held at Makindye on Thursday evening.

“I have a few of cars, and actually am giving you a car today, for real, the challenge any upcoming artist gets is the mic, an upcoming artist doesn’t mind much about the money but the mic and it’s you who gave me a chance and you a good man.” Said Pallaso.

“I recall at Sparks in 2002 you gave me the mic when no one knows me, I remember you were also still a student but you gave me the opportunity, so with what you have done for the industry, a car is not much for you, but at least I can give it to you.” Pallaso added.

On top of the car, Pallaso bought tickets for King of the MIC show worth two million shillings.

The show will be held on Saturday 28th January 2023 at Wonder World Kansanga.

“And I am buying tickets worth two million shillings for your show.” He confirmed.

At the same venue, Legendary Jose Chameleon aka Joseph Mayanja jokingly told MC Kats that he [Jose] going to buy a full tank of fuel for Kats car.


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