Hoo Spice Diana afulumiza akatambi ku Tiktok ngali bukunya!! laba bwaguuga

Musician Diana Hajara Namukwaya, better known as Spice Diana, gave her fans an optical nutrition treat in a TikTok video shared Tuesday night. Some fans enjoyed the treat while others wondered why someone they thought was “descent” is trying to change character.

“u look good but y don’t u wear well,” commented one Brenda Khan. One Jjemba reminded Diana that she is friends with Barbie Kyagulanyi, so she should respect the relationship: “Plz ur a friend to babi kyagulanyi naye bambi tomuswaza [dont embarass her, please].”

Another commenter, who goes by Tete, said: “mama you’ve always been on top decently. you didn’t have to do that. That’s so regular.”

A TikToker, who goes by J.B wrote: “The only Queen 👑 of Uganda U look so cute I have a crush on you 😍🤩”

Another commenter observed: “Any bleaching cream, pill, injection works do you still remember your natural colour?”

The ‘Siri Regular’ singer is one of the most sought-after musicians in the country and she has done this by mastering the art of branding and marketing.

She is actually the most followed musician on the short-form video hosting service, which means more eyeballs. With more following, it increases value in terms of endorsement deals and performance gigs.

Diana revealed that she launched into the entertainment industry after joining Equator Production in Luzira as an actress. It’s this company that shot the video of Onsanula.

While in Senior Five, she did some work with Ghetto Kids, including writing a song for them.

It was during her time with them that one Dauda took her to the studio and she did her first song titled Nze Akwagala.

She attributed her success to discipline, being willing to take advice, and having a good manager in Roger Lubega, the founder of Source Management.


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