Kati sikyanya njaga era silina bilagala lagala bilala byenkozesa byona nabivaako

Upcoming and at the same time faded singer Ronald Alimpa, has revealed that he quit using drugs. The one-hit wonder was one of the musicians who rose to fame in 2022 but at the same time watched it stream to the gutter. This was partly due to his indiscipline and sudden unavoidable incidences.

Riding on his Sean Don hit, Alimpa became untamable and was a star for the moment. He however suffered an unfortunate accident in September last year enroute to a performance. This left him with fractured legs and killed some car occupants he was with.

It was however while at the hospital that his rotten behaviors were uncovered. He first and foremost attacked Kadongo Kamu singer Hassan Ndugwa who had saved him from the accident scene.

Next to face his wrath was his mother. Alimpa attacked his mother with some blasphemous words. He at one time said that his mother was seducing him by doing ‘okwetega.’ The singer went on to insult her.

He then chased her from his sick bed and requested to remain with his girlfriend. All this was because his mother stopped his buddies trying to bring him drugs to smoke yet he was still critically ill.

The mother left and Alimpa faced severe backlash. Even his benefactor Mama Fina threatened to abandon him in the hospital if he didn’t apologize. Now Alimpa has revealed that everything with his mother is fine. Besides, he no longer abuses drugs because doctors advised him to quit them while he was sick.

“Most of what was being spoken about me was pure lies and just words. However, all is good with mummy now and she gets along with my girlfriend really well. Besides I’m about to be a daddy. I also quit drugs because the doctors advised me to do so. All is well now and I’m on the right track.”

Despite his monstrous track last year, his indiscipline clouded his success.


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