Nze Mugandawange Joze Chameleone yanfudde kyendi

Singer Weasel real name Douglas Mayanja, has attributed his fame and success to his elder brother fellow singer Jose Chameleone. Chameleone is one of the living music legends in the Ugandan entertainment industry. He inspired many artistes to join the music industry with his talent, fame, and success.

However, it’s hard for some Ugandan artists to appreciate people that inspired them or helped them to get where they are. Weasel is changing the game and starting to appreciate his brother for inspiring him and helping him become a great artist.

When he was beginning his music career, he started as a solo artist and then went ahead to be in a duo with his best friend, the late Mozey Radio. As young artists who were dreaming big but without money to hit the studio to record a song or even do any videos, Jose Chameleone helped them out.

He signed Radio and Weasel on to his record label Leone Island and their career started from there.

They became bigger and also won multiple Awards both in Uganda and outside. Unfortunately, Radio died in 2018 leaving Weasel stranded.

Despite all the fame, the singer is not forgetting where it all started. He is taking time to appreciate his brother for giving him a chance.

“I couldn’t be here if Jose Chameleone hadn’t helped me with my brother Mowzey Radio. I remember our careers started in his hands and we can’t take away that from him. Chameleone is the biggest reason why you all see me here still standing and giving you vibes,” he revealed.


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