VIDEO: Bibino Ebigambo Asiya byeyasembyeyo okwogela nga tanafa

Famous Tiktoker Asia has been announced today morning and her last words before her death were recorded on video. Asia became famous in 2022 through TikTok where a friend had recorded her funny reactions and words. She caught a lot of people’s attention hence getting the platform.

One of the people that made Asia keep her fame flourishing was YouTuber SB4 media. He kept tabs with Asia and also included her family who he was helping financially.

Asia was also known to be close to her friend that was introduced to him by SB4 media known as Charles. The two have been having so connecting between themselves and making other people laugh.

According to her mother, Asia had stomach pain she was rushed to Mulago and admitted to the ICU for surgery and the operation was successfully done.

she woke up after the operation but after a while she started screaming due to the pain she was feeling in the stomach, fighting doctors to take off her oxygen.

On her death bed ,Asia wished that God should take away her life if he couldn’t heal her pain. In a few hours she finally died at 4 am in the morning. May her soul rest in peace.


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