Why MC Kats is bitter with Swangz Avenue boss

Celebrated emcee and self-proclaimed King of the Mic Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats has spent the past few days whining over artistes ignoring his King of the Mic show. He also a screenshot of a conversation between him and a Sheebah fan accusing Sheebah of being mean with her money.

Since the musicians have ignored him, Kats has shifted his anger to Swangz Avenue boss Julius Kyazze. He accuses him of overpricing the record label artists yet he was part of the crew that contributed to its growth.

During an interview with Dembe FM’s Kasuku, Kats said Julius used him to get where he is. He says Julius is a fox in sheep’s skin.

MC Kats is angry at Julius Kyazze for many reasons top of which he claims the Swangz Avenue boss overworked him without paying him. Kats claims that Kyazze made him tour several schools with artists and always paid them peanuts.

He also emphasizes how he has contributed so much to the key industry players including Swangz Avenue but they do not appreciate him enough.

All the artistes on his poster are going to entertain for free so he wanted the same kind of service from Swangz avenue artistes which Julius could not accept. He instead proposed a discount.

“I don’t want a discount I want free things,” Kats said. His argument is, he made many school tours for Buzz which were all at no fee so a favor must be returned.

Julius, you’ve never given me anything and I gave you half of your career, you found me a star,” Kats lamented.


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