GWE NYABO  Diana TOLI WAKITALO!!- Abawagizi ba Sheebah balumbye Spice Diana oluvannyuma lw’okusangula ebifananyi ngabali ne sheebah kumutimbagano gwa isntagram byonna LUNO LUNAGWA KATI?

From bilungo now we are breaking down the bilungo to binzaali 😂😂😂 @sheebaholics us we know if we are arrested we would be arrested for doing the right thing since she only does more harm than good muwe muwe binzaaliiiii but tell me the inspiration behind these me 😂😂😂 I am eager to know

We knew it all from the beginning that she was pretending to be Our Queen’s friend 👸but shame upon you  whatever you planned didn’t work out however much she tried to copy whatever our Queen does she has failed  she is the only original copy and only one in the game ✌️


👸 copying her dress codes and other things doesn’t make you be like her copiana kawedemu she ain’t a nice person  mukama amusasire but all in all @sheebahricherthisyear 💪💪👸she ain’t nobody’s competition she is a class above and she competes with her self that’s why the she is still winning and shinning always she is real powerful and we the sheebaholics we love her so much she is the only international beibe in Africa 📌💪🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬 omu bwati ever compared but never equaled LIONESS 👑@sheebahricherthisyearfor life


“BILUNGO” has unfollowed Sheebah on social media & has deleted any pictures she has of her & Sheebah on her page!!  I know my Queen too grown to do such petty things of the unfollowing back so she probably won’t unfollow Bilungo .

I want to speak on this & shade on some light on a few things because I’m sick & tired of Birungo playing victim & not taking accountability in anything she does!!

1. Sheebah and her fans are two separate things!! But I guess you thought befriending Sheebah will also win you her fan bases love & support but #sheebaholics never got on board because they know your intentions & are very protective of Sheebah!!

2. YOU went out of your way to befriend Sheebah and invite her to your EP launch , again to USE her for your relevancy and she came and supported you fully and even invited you to her concert because she never had a problem with you to begin with!!

She came and supported you even after bashing her and speaking on her in any interview that you got!!! Now let’s be for real Sheebah doesn’t gain a thing from you nor does she need anything from you so let’s not play “She’s jealous of you “ card but we both know Sheebah was Sheebah way before you sent your little invitation!!

3. Ugandans may not see it But BIRUNGO your intentions were not pure .., you wanted your EP to do well so you invited Sheebah & the whole industry.. so you can parade cameras around & say awwww look everyone is at my EP party!!🥴🥴.
NOW that Sheebah freed the dancer your colors are showing because you can’t keep up the pretense anymore … but forgot to understand that you not that special and people will continue to talk about you because of the industry you’re in!! People talk about everyone … the president , even bigger names than yours … learn to take criticism and stop throwing tantrums like a little kid whenever you don’t get what you want!!

4. It’s not coincidence that several people have come out to speak on you and the shit you & your management do to other people … everyone can’t be pointing a finger to you for no reason … obviously there’s some truth to everything & you’re trying to cover it up …

I don’t know what you expected Bilungo when you arrested a dancer several musicians work with … of course, people were gonna speak up!! Sheebah isn’t the type of person to aid wrong actions simply because of friendship .  By the way you played yourself …

Sheebah doesn’t have anything against you .. she matters of fact wishes you well ..  It’s crazy how you let a fan base get to you like that 😂😂.. your fans troll us too every day… they troll Sheebah too but the difference between the two of u is that she knows to separate the two !!  All in all you’re bitter and want people to say only nice things about you.. you can’t buy everyone and you can’t win everyone .

SO UGANDANS… I don’t want y’all to say that Sheebah is the bad guy here …. I’m tired or that narrative … there’s clearly someone throwing rocks and hiding their hands here .. & it’s not Sheebah!  Anyways Bilungo all in all… don’t ever bother with our Queen again!! Simply because she’s quiet & her name holds weight … from now on … TOGEZA!!!!


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